Members Wedding Hire

We often get asked about availability of our members cars for Wedding Hire and we do have one or two who are willing and able to take bookings:

(No recommendation is implied about any of these and you are advised to make your own enquiries about costs, insurance etc as no responsibility will be accepted by DMMOC)

(Not in any order of preference)

100 mile radius from Bournemouth. Normal operation is from the beginning of April until the end of September although flexible on dates. Professional licensed driver in chauffeur’s uniform & hat
Contact  01202 300339 Travel Link UK which has an answer machine if the office is not manned
Mention DMOCC when enquiring costs & availability



uses her white Split Screen Convertible for wedding hire and is listed with Premier Carriage. Hire rates are competitive and vary with distance and time

Contact: 01202 757057 or 07742 191667